There are a variety of ways in which I can help.

Sports Injuries

I have 30 years experience in treating recreational to elite sports people, from simple muscle injuries to complex biomechanical problems.

Back and pelvis pain


Most people will experience back pain in their lives. Advice, treatment and rehabilitation are pivotal in preventing recurrence.

Trapped nerves

An incredibly painful state, needing confident, experienced treatment and management

Joint pain

This can arise for many reasons, not always just something you have to put up with. Thorough assessment and a plan of management will give the best results.

Back and joint surgery

Rehabilitation after surgery is essential in removing old habits and gaining the best outcome from the procedure.

Muscle pulls

Treatment is not difficult but identifying the reason for the injury and prevention of recurrence is vital.

Ligament strains

It is important to regain normal movement of the affected area and strengthen any resulting weakness.


From Achilles Tendinitis to tennis elbow, this category of injury needs expert assessment and bespoke treatment.

Neck pain

Either through work, stress, injury or bad posture, treatment needs to include relief of symptoms but also identification of contributing factors to prevent/ minimise recurrence


Shoulder instability

Targeted rehabilitation and re education of poor patterns of upper body movement are essential.


This is central to all physiotherapy treatments, the development of your own individual pathway to recovery through exercise and re education of movement. 

Foot and ankle pain

Where necessary, I work in collaboration with expert biomechanical podiatrists, sometimes utilising clinical gait analysis, to ensure optimal outcome.

Hand and wrist pain

From trauma including fractures, to arthritis and joint replacements,  mobilisations and exercises help regain function.